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Martinez Early Childhood Center (MECC) Landscaping Project
This was a volunteered project for the local Martinez Early Childhood Center in Martinez, CA., which is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization. I designed the project and did about 95% of all labor. All was done by hand, shovel and buckets, as wheelbarrels and equipment were not able to get into the yard level (plus there was the cost factor with equipment). The project included getting water into the yard area (done by a contractor), a complete irrigation drip system, a drainage sytem, 3 trees, 145 plants, new ground cover (plus about 80 starters), pulling a number of stumps, a walking bridge, bench, laying flatstone, constructing a dry-stacked wall, dry-stack and cinder block raised herb garden, beefing up the signage with dry-stack rock, a trelis in the shape of the staircase, a dry creek, and a gravel and stepped winding path to name a few. Below are some before and after shots.


Before shot of the yard

After shot of the yard. It will be a good year or more before the plants start maturing.

Another before shot, from the left front corner.

After shot, from the left front corner.


The herb garden, flat stone area, and bench.

View from the front right side corner.








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