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Below are links to some web sites designed by Akeson Design. They will open within this window and you can select the 'next' arrow to tour all sites or select the 'X' close button in the top right corner. Click (O) to open in a new window. Responsive design sites are "fluid" sites that adapt to the size of the device from which the site is being viewed.


Open: A2Z Construction Company (responsive design site) (O)

Open: Acupunture Calaveras (responsive design site) (O)

Open: Christmas For Everyone (O)

Open: CLM Group (responsive design site) (O)

Open: Eloise Cotton First Glass (O)

Open: Francine Fitzgerald (O)

Open: John Muir Association (O)

Open: Kelaire (O)

Open: Los Medanos Community Healthcare District (O)

Open: Lesley Stiles Foods (O)

Open: Martinez Early Childhood Center (O)

Open: MTZOCC (Martinez Opera of Contra Costa) (O)

Open: Organic Solutions Compost (responsive design site) (O)

Open: Sams Snap Shots (O)

Open: Sunflower Garden Restaurant (O)

Open: Weddings with Michael Peterson (O)

Open: Wine Country Connections (O)




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