Title: Key Curriculum Press 'Mathematics Materials Catalog'

Project: Create a product catalog illustrating the many educational books and seminars the client has to offer. The company does incorporate 'fun' into it's curriculum, and tries to incorporate this into the image of their sales collateral without losing the seriousness of it's educational forum. This cover photo represent the theme of this particular catalog, movies, and film, also represented by an inside spread shown below.

In this cover photo, to create more of a crowd, about 75% of the people were regenerated from out-takes, moving their position, and changing their clothing color/appearance. The sky, building, and grounds were extensively cleaned up, and modified. the center marquee was computer generated, however, the theatre was kind enough thpo change the side marqees with the book titles for us. (Photo taken in Berkeley, CA)

Client: Key Curriculum Press
Printing: 4 color, 2 sided, 60 pages

Co-Design: Key Curriculum Press / Akeson Design
Production: Akeson Design
nside illustrations: Akeson Design

Front Cover


Inside Spread



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