4th of July Poster


Title: Martinez 4th of July Celebration

Project: Design a 11" x 17" poster that will be used to market the (first in seven years) 4th of July Celebration. The celebration is sponsored by some large corporations, and the poster is to reflect an upscale involvement, at the same time, it is to have a fun look to attract visitors.

In this poster, certain elements were designed into the background for both texture, and interest. These include:

• 13 stars (representing the initial 13 U.S. Colonies) in the upper left corner (shown bordered by 2 smallest stars).
• The remaining stars equal 50 stars.
• The large background text is the complete Star Spangled Banner song.
• In the lower left section is text explaining the colors and shapes of the flag.


One piece in a three-piece campaign of promotional event marketing including a color newspaper ad (different proportions), and a black/white newspaper ad (different proportions).

Client: Martinez Chamber of Commerce






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